Sashimi Class on Aug 4th

I had a from Scotland at the and they requested preparing  Sashimi at the .

I always ask how do you prepare sashimi, because we rarely prepare it from whole fish at home. Honestly, when I prepare sashimi for meal, I usually buy precut sashimi and serve in plates, no effort.

After our communication, I found out the couple is interested in to cut the fish block nicely  and prepare rightly in plates,  which is capable for me.

Then I started researched how to plate Sashimi in certain way and had practiced cutting and slicing sashimi using and tuna. My teacher at Egami cooking , authentic cooking school, gave  me advices, I really appreciated.   Even though I learned raw fish cutting techniques at cooking class at NY, the way  is different because the cooking knife is different.  Eventually I learned a  lot cooking and culture for preparing the Sashimi class.

The cooking class was wonderful with a couple who love Japanese . The area they live don’t have grocery store, but they often order on internet. I’m impressed their effort to cooking Japanese food.

At the end, the couple did very well to cut sashimi and plating nicely. IMG_5821

I’m so glad to get email from them after they got back to heir home which includes the picture they plated sashimi with fresh Scottish salmon beautifully.

Hope you enjoy Japanese cooking!

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