A private class on August 7th

I welcomed a lady from UK this morning.  She requested - as a main dish.

During our , she asked me how to cook , so I decided to cook vegetable as a side dish. She liked shiso leaves , crispy green leaves, as you see in the middle of plate.

IMG_5854 (1)

She said she will use fresh sage leaves in her garden instead of shiso leaves.  That is such a great idea!

Many people from outside of japan  keen to cook this shiso tempra at their home, but it is not easy to find except Japan unfortunately.  Then her advise reminds me for cooking in NY, I learned the crispy fried sage garnish, which is slimier to tempura.  I’ll let the people that sage leave is good substitution  from now on!


IMG_5857 (1)

She liked the we prepared very much. We have time to talk her life in London and her trip in Japan.  It was really interesting and time flied.

Hope you cook fresh sage tempura to your loving grand children!

Many thanks!


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