Gyoza & Nanban Zuke Class in August, 2017

It was a mid-summer day and we are all sweating but sizzling hot on grill pan tasted good as ever! 

I welcomed a newly engaged and a foodie mother & , both pairs from Australia.

They all worked hard at my and prepared 2 main dishes at this , Gyoza and Nanban Zuke of .  These menus require a lot of fine chopping of but the team was quite experienced cookers so we had no problem at all. 


The most part of the menu for this class were actually requested from another guest, a young lady who has taken my class back in May this year. She liked Nanban Zuke and our side dishes so much that she recommended the same menu to her family visiting her in Tokyo. 

Some guidebooks say Tokyo is too hot and humid so not a good to visit in August.  But for foodie travelers, class is always fun and we are always ready to welcome you with something seasonal. 

I hope my Aussie guests liked Japanese cooking at my place.

Many thanks for coming!


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