Pork ginger and egg omelet for a man from Denmark in Jul

I had a request form a young Danish man to cook pork as a main dish today.  Actually, he requested a recipe calls a few . Then I gave several dishes and he picked up pork ginger.

He found out there are many pork menus in restaurants in this country.  That is true, we eat more pork and dishes than beef dishes since beef is an expensive ingredient  either  restaurants and grocery stores.



He cooks egg , tamago-yaki.  You might see tamago-yaki in fish as a street .  The recipe of egg omelet calls mainly egg, sugar and soy . If you have square pan, you can make nice square omelet, but even if you don’t have the pan, as long as you have spatula,  you can make nice shaped omelet  in a round pan.

It seems not easy to make square shaped egg omelet, but once you get it to roll the egg sheet you can do it by yourself.

Hope you bring the technique back to your home and show off to your beautiful egg omelet!

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