Salmon teriyaki class in Jul Teriyaki sauce

I gave a of class for a group of three people.   One sweet girl is a expat and her friend came over with her husband  from Paris then participated in my class.

I am embarrassed to speak in English in front of a person who speaks both and English since my English is not that good enough.  However, I try my best to let the students understand what I explain in .

Most people impressed, or overwhelmed that Japanese calls so much sugar.  The combination of soy and sugar make taste rich and nice, so that teriyaki as well.  Teriyaki is only combining soy , mirin, sake and sugar.  The can be used for both fish(mainly salmon and yellow tail) and .


The taste of  sweet soy sauce flavor is called “ama-kara” taste in Japanese, and it go with white rice as our stable food, and sake as stable alcohol drink (!?).


The friendship of  girls childhood friends made my heart warm. They are so sweet!

I’m glad to hear they liked ama-kara taste of salmon teriyaki. Hope you have a wonderful stay in Tokyo together!

Many thanks!











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