Sushi Class for a family : ingredients for sushi rolls

I’ve welcomed a this morning for . is popular in thin month.



I prepare those for sushi roll.

Fresh ( usually imported from Norway) , shrimp, cucumber, avocado and fried tofu. I like to use fried tofu as ingredients for sushi roll.  It is easy to prepare and soy based sweet soy flavor makes the roll tastes better. Participants love this adding their roll.

This is fried tofu, we calls it “abura-age” in

油揚げ に対する画像結果

Cut this fried tofu in thick julienne, then simmer with soy sauce, sugar, sake and mirin  until liquids become thickened. You many keen to this flavor  sushi, Inari-zushi, the outside of rice is cooked fried tofu.

いなりずし に対する画像結果

This is desirable for dish.


Today’s participants enjoyed to make sushi roll.

Hope you will make sushi roll when you get back to your home!


Many thanks!


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