Simmered fish class in Jul

I had a request for fish  from a from Marseille, France.

I enjoyed to talk with them their city, since my husband and  visited years ago and remember how beautiful !

This is my first taking request for simmered fish as the main dish.  The lady would like to learn something new taste. I agree I’d love to share something new taste to cooking enthusiast!

I’ve been subscribing Japanese traditional cooking every week, and I have just learned how to cook simmered fish “nizakana” at the .

The recipes of the class is always amazing, and no failure. However, I revise the recipe to suit my class for cooking beginners and  change the what every country can obtain.

Then I made a new recipe for the couple and the ingredient I used was fresh red snappers.




Finally they made a delicious simmered red snapper, and they liked the new very much.  I was big relieved!

Many thanks!










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