sushi roll class : Sushi is Japanese daily meal?

Today is my 4th lesson in Jul. The participants came from UK and Australia. The lady from UK is an enthusiast for learning maki-zushi, and she brought newly met her friend to the . Both ladies are lovely and I had great time with them.

sushi seems difficult that  students in my class say before practice. However, everyone makes beautiful once they get some tips.

People often asks me if  sushi roll is made for   meal?  It is depend on the each but I answer sushi roll is mainly  made for occasional meal, such as celebrating birthday, festivals and ceremonies. Also sushi is convenient for outside meal since you can eat with fingers, chopsticks. Maki-zushi is not a daily meal, too much tasks.

Embarrassingly, I haven’t made sushi roll before I began to teach Japanese for tourists since my culinary background is ….poor excuse!  However, once I get to make rolls it is easier than I expected.  I failed time to time then I got how to make visually nice rolls. I did same with the students in my class, so I understand what is difficult points for the first tries.



I’ m always happy to see the students made great rolls!



Many Thanks!


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