Sushi class on Jul 15th ’17

I offered a  for young from US.

I’m always happy to share all my knowledge of cooking and   to people, mostly tourists who want to explore new world in Japanese cuisine.

Since I also have a license of Kiki-sake-shi, sake , it is my pressure to introduce Japanese sake to people.  People in my class sometime ask me how to choose good sake for drinking, for a gift and for bring it back to their countries.

Sake is fermented alcohol made from mainly rice, rice malt and water. Those  produce unique flavor, aroma, texture and umami in  each bottles. The  characteristics depend on the kind of rice,  process, water, and more in each brewery. Those combination create their own sake.

Today’s participants are interested in Sake. They’ve already enjoyed tasting sake during their trip in Japan.   Then I gave small “sake lecture” to them to understand sake better.

They are going to travel around Japan after the day. Hope the will enjoy sake in each region.


Sushi tends to go with dry sake since the dryness wash out fishy taste in your mouth.   Hope you try!


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