Big lunch again with Mum & daughter from Singapore / June 2017

Sometimes I receive a very specific request on menus to cook at classes.

For this in May, my guest, who turns out be a super woman ( executive & mother of 2 kids) from , asked me if we can try Oyako-don, , teriyaki, Miso dengaku with eggplant and style potato .

That is a lot for one meal and the combination is not exactly what we normally do, but I understand it is a good chance to try different dishes for a visitor when time is limited. Obviously the lady has tried many Japanese dishes already so I was interested to hear her opinions on our , too.

She visited me with her lovely young daughter who was a great help in the ! She can slice and cut and stir with no problem.


Among the menus my guest chose, I was curious to ask why she picked up a potato salad, as is a rather western menu to me.  She was after a Japanese style potato salad in particular, which her  tried before and became her son’s favorite.

What I think ‘very Japanese’ and what my guests like to learn at Japanese home cooking class may not be always the same. It is very interesting to discover what people are attracted in our food .

Many thanks for coming!




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