Japanese cooking class for Tokyo expats

I’ve welcomed 3 young  came from Australia  today for cooking class. I had a request to cook dish with local since the guests have been in for several month for their work.

I’m curious how does the people came from foreign country live in Tokyo.  In my experience, I’ve lived in the US for 10 years with my husband  and sometime missed   in my country. Groceries in stores are different and didn’t figured out right away how to cook and how to eat.

Especially Japanese grocery doesn’t show the name in English on the package. I believe it is not easy for the expats to find out what to buy and how to cook the ingredients.

are sweet and motivated so I enjoyed cooking with them and  had really good time to talk.

We -zuke ( salmon marinated in soy based sweet sour seasoning with veggies), cucumber with cream sesame dressing and eggplant with miso .  Those menus are common dishes at home cooking and you can substitute other ingredients, that I explained.

All they enjoyed the cooking and the taste.  Thank you for the great review in TripAdvisor.



All they like the traditional Japanese dishes.


Thank you for coming my class. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your duty in Tokyo.





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