Ramen class for solo travelars

There are 2 guests from US today.

It is sometime not easy to make a who is booked by one person since the opens for 2 participants at the least.

This class was miraculously offered by two girls who had been in different county and almost same time.  They both offered , wow!


I’m glad they enjoyed cooking ramen, the toppings and .  One of the girl had been in China and learned how to wrap with wrappers.  She shared how to make beautiful shaped .

Although they are early 20ish, they both often cook at their home and well done in the class as well.  Me,  “wait!  slow down, I can’t catch up for  tidy up, haha!”

They are so lovely girls. After we talked many things during time,  I felt like I’m their mom in Japan, since I’m their mom’s age rather than their friend’s age.

I  wish their trip safety and great fortune in their !


Thank you for me such a precious time! I appreciate your review on TripAdvisor.

Many thanks,






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