Ramen class and seasoned eggs

I’ve welcomed a couple from Australia.

I got a reservation from the husband to cook ramen in the class. They are expecting their first baby, so the wife has some food restrictions.


As for our ramen menu, including gyoza and cucumber dish, there are no special attention expect “a seasoned egg” for ramen topping.  I usually serve soft boiled seasoned egg, but I’ve served hard boiled seasoned egg at this time.

I offer the seasoned egg  for ramen, since this is one of the indispensable  topping ingredient for ramen bowl in my class. The texture of eggs go with other ramen topping ingredients, such as crispy sautéed vegetables and moisture braised pork.  Most of  the ramen shops offer their original seasoned egg on the menu.   We,  Japanese like soft  boiled and runny-egg yolk which is seasoned with soy sauce flavor for ramen topping.

Preparing seasoned egg is quite easy.  Get ready soft or hard boiled eggs, soy sauce, sugar and mirin.  Warm up soy sauce, sugar and mirin in a small pot until sugar has just dissolved.  After cool it down as room temperature, transfer to a Ziploc.


Add cooked eggs into the back and marinated for over night in a fridge.


I usually cook it the day before the class, otherwise the egg doesn’t absorb the seasoning that enough.   It is also important to be peeled nicely whether the egg boiled as soft or hard.

Today’s guests enjoyed cooking and tasting  ramen as well as seasoned eggs.

Many thanks!



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