Sushi Rolling class on April 25th.

I have welcomed a beautiful lady from and her friend from Thailand on this day for . As is often the case with our classes, one of my guests turned out to be a very experienced and keen cook, while had hardly ever done anything at !? so I was told.


But they both did a great job and we successfully prepared Sushi , Miso soup and 2 side dishes of spinach and eggplants.


I prepared too much rice on this day so we ended up with a lot of rolls.

My guests said they were happy to get to see the smoked bonito before it was grated into thin flakes and packed. This is an ingredient indispensable for , as it produces a good soup stock.  

A piece of smoked bonito looks like a wooden stick or branch.  Not a few of my guests think it is a Japanese traditional utensil for cooking, made with wood. So I let them feel it and smell it, then taste some freshly grated bonito flakes.  

My guest told me that it has an aroma like whisky and I was very impressed. Bonito fish does get smoked after steamed, so it has a nice smoky flavor and maybe that is something in common with whisky aged in smoked barrels. 

Many thanks for coming!


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