Seafood ramen class on April 14th ’17

Our is popular and everybody enjoy together and eating as well.

I usually cook ramen with  pork, since pork produces nice flavor and savory taste to the ramen soup.  Pork bones and meat are  necessary common ingredients for making ramen in many ramen shop/bar.

However, I have some request from people  if we can offer  ramen without pork. Some people don’t eat pork because of the   restrictions and preferences.

So I sometime offer seafood ramen for the class.  I use stock, and a stock from shrimp shells and that make the soup flavorful and containing savory taste “Umami” without pork.


Japanese dashi stock,  kelp, dried shiitake, dried sardine soaked in water for over night.


Combine dashi stock, chicken stock, miso and other ingredients to make  ramen soup.


Cook , shrimp and vegetable with miso .


Cook ramen and now assembling for a ramen bowl.


Well done!

We cook and cucumber dish at the class and the menu contains tons of !

Hope you enjoy seafood ramen at the class.


Many thanks





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