sauteed salmon with spring cabbage on March 29th

I’ve welcomed wonderful  two from Korea and England.

I was thinking if we can bring we cook to outside as bento- box and  have under for today’s class. However, the weather is not so good, too chilly to stay for lunch outside.

Eventually I decided to have a class as usual in my home .   We cook

                                        Sautéed with

                                    Creamy tofu

                                       Crushed cucumber with sesame dressing

                                              Rice and miso soup


Salmon is a convenient ingredient, easy to obtain most of the countries.  we cook salmon and spring cabbage, onion and carrot in a big  cooking plate on a dining table.  Today’s participants enjoyed cooking and eating the menu.

Hope you bring the recipe back to your country and cook salmon dish at your .


Many thanks


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