Miso Ramen and Gyoza class on March 27th

 has been almost full bloom blossom , however this year is little chillier than former years so the tree blooms little by little. Good thing is we could enjoy to see the blooming longer than usual. Many people cannot wait to enjoy eating and drinking under the trees in full bloom.

I gave a miso- and for 6 people.  There are  4 people from Florida US and a from Australia.  They are all open minded and caught up their trip tips each other.

when we cook gyoza, wrapping time is a fun part.   I show how to wrap it first, then the participants tries to make themselves.  Some people like and good at wrapping, and some people tries hard.  Eventually, everybody make nice gyoza wrapping.


After wrapping, we steam and cook on a big plate on a dining table.  The participants sit around the table and  could eat warm gyoza for .

Thank you everyone to make the class fun!

Many Thanks ,











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