Feb 13th Dashi & Nanbanzuke class with sommelier

IMG_5207Today I welcomed a couple from USA, a lady who is a and her hus who has studied for 4 years at uni. I nearly had a heart attack when he suddenly started speaking to me in fluent !

Both are keen cooks so I learned a lot from them, too! This is a fun part of having with people from various parts of the world.

The main dish was: Sword fish . deep-fried white meat fish marinated in soy and rice vinegar, fresh etc. This is my favorite. I should have asked my guest if there is any white wine that goes nicely with this dish.

We also worked hard to make good  stock. The most tiring part may be shaving a smoked bonito into flakes with traditional wooden grater. This has a sharp blade on so you need to be careful when you use this item.


For Dashi soup, I like putting Maitake mushrooms and Mitsuba, a Japanese herb similar to chervil. If you add some miso, it will make a good miso soup.



Another good excercise was grinding sesame into rich and oily texture. All done by hands! A tip is to heat sesame for a short moment before start grinding.  I think they loved the aroma of sesame sauce. It matches well with spinach but also with various other so you may think up your own recipe with your choice of local vegetables.


I hope the couple had a good time at my !

Many thanks for coming!





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