Oyako-don (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl) Class

The other day, I had a lovely from Sydney, Australia.


You can see how much fun we had during the class.  Plus, the intimacy of having visitors to Japan come into your house to learn creates a wonderful bond that we all remember forever.

This time, we talked a lot the difference of and the cooking difference between Japan and Australia.


The day’s menu was:

Main dish:  -Don ( and Egg Rice Bowl)

Side dishes: Tofu-Steak with Miso Marinated Pork and Eggplant in

Plus, Rice and Miso Soup with Tofu



I was able to answer lots of their questions about  culture, wearing kimonos, and education. We had a really fun time together.

And also we talked about Japanese table coordination and Japanese arrangement. They loved ZEN !


As always, seasonal fruit for desert.

Thank you so much for coming to Cooking Class!


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