Jan 24th Japanese home cooking class

IMG_5158It was a chilly winter day in Tokyo but I had a lovely day with a beautiful young from Perth WA, Australia. They have already quite a variety of cuisine. I was amazed to hear they even have a rice cooker at home and sometimes make their own sushi !

At my we made typical Japanese , kinds of dishes we enjoy eating normally. Lots of vegetables and mushrooms.
The menu was: Nanbanzuke of (deep-fried and marinated in Japanese vinegar and soy with fresh vegetables), spinach with sesame , eggplant with sweet miso , and of course Dashi stock for soup.
Both did a great job, cutting vegetables perfectly thin and sesame grinded into a nice smooth texture. It was a delicious and I hope the couple enjoyed the cooking and as much as I did.
Thank you for coming !

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