Tempura Class

Hello, this is Yuki, one of the instructors of .

I started to teach home cooking and table coordination during the 7 years I lived in Los Angeles, USA.  When I moved back to Japan in of 2016, I, of course, wanted to continue teaching home cooking in .

This is my first blog entry for for Musubi Cooking, so hopefully you can enjoy seeing how fun it is to learn (and eat!) Japanese home cooking at home in Japan!

For the Class, I had guests from Australia and the U.S.


Everyone enjoyed learning how to prepare the Tempura!


And also enjoyed taking pictures of each other!

The menu for the day was as follows:

1 Main Dish:


2 Side Dishes:

Pickled wakame seaweed and

Japanese sesame spinach salad

and Rice and Miso-soup


Seasonal Japanese fruit


DSC_0541_53412 (640x586)

Looks so and beautiful!


We enjoyed eating and a nice conversation fun things to do during your trip to Japan.  It was great having you, thank you for coming!

— Yuki

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