Ramen class on Oct 24th ’16

Our Raman gets popular now and I offered the today too.  This is the

There are 6 participants from a from Hawaii and a from US mainland. We had a lot of laugh and lot of fun because each participants today ware cheerful and enjoyed cook pretty much!  They  made me less nervous to involve them cook together.



This part, wrapping process is fun time. All the participants concentrated to make nice shape , but it’s not always can make the shape perfect. However, the unique shapes crack the all up!   Don’t worry, the shape won’t be a big matter after pan frying them.

Today’s menu on Oct 24th

Miso with sautéed , sautéed miso pork, braised pork, egg.

Pork Gyoza

Sesame dressed cucumber

I shared one little thing better buy tool in Japan.


This is the must item for making perfect boiling egg. This makes easy to peel egg shells completely.

 There is a small sharp pin in center of the circle. Leave a raw egg and press until making small hall.  Then boil the egg as usual to make a boiling egg.   You may find how easy to peel the shells!

The tool is sold in 100 yen store. It worth to bring it back to your country and nice souvenir for lover.

Thank you for  such nice Ramen class!






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