Ramen class on Oct 22nd’16

There is a lovely young from Switzerland today’s .    They requested so I gave the on the Saturday afternoon.

They traveled over Japan for a couple of week, and the day was the day before they fly back to Switzerland. I was  wishing the class would be one of the memorable experiences their trip in Japan.

I usually share how to make Dashi stock, which is Japanese fundamental soup stock, however, I don’t give when the ramen classes because the stock made from .   The today’s guests asked about what is the dashi stock, so I shared how to make dashi stock.

Adding a pinch of salt makes dashi flavor nicer for tasting like a clear soup.I served the soup during our cooking time.


It is dashi-kampai time.   I was glad they liked it.

We had kept cooking Ramen after the tasting and finally we enjoyed ramen for early dinner.



  The menu on Oct 22nd ’16

        Miso ramen  with sautéed , sautéed minced pork, braised pork, a egg

Cucumber with sesame dressing


Since the eating time was early dinner  around 4:00pm, I suggested to visit a basement of  Takashimaya department store (depachika)  in Shinjuku  after the class.  Depachika is one of the Japanese cultures, foodies MUST visit during Stay in Japan.

Here is about the Depachika



Thank you for the precious time!









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