Ramen class on Oct 7th ’16

We have a today.

I accepted special requests as “No sea ”, ” no pork” for the menus. Usually I use sautéed minced pork  as well as braised pork for the ramen garnish. unique pork flavor produces savory umami taste so that it is one of the fundamental ingredient for the bowl in most of ramen shop.

*However, there diverse population from different countries visit Japan now a days so some ramen shop produce ramen pork.



I prepared ground and braised for those guests and we both chicken and pork in the class.  I usually very careful to serve specific religion food and allergy food for each requested guests and I also ask all the participants to  cooperate do the process securely.  I appreciate the guests all the time they are cooperative with kind.

Ramen menu on Oct 7th ’16

Pork/chicken Miso ramen ( garnish with sautéed , sautéed  minced pork/chicken, braised pork/chicken,  simmered egg)

Pork / Chicken

Cucumber sweet sour sesame dressing

Green tea pudding/agar-agar


I’m always glad when the guests say “good taste” for the ramen since it takes many times of practice for recipe.

Many thanks for today’s guests from Australia and Israel!






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