Ramen class o Sep 12th

My first class at Yotsuya on is a Class.

The participants from Belgium and a from Australia.

A young Belgium girl traveled all over the world and  we  were really interested in her talk.  Thank you for sharing your interesting trip experiences!

What we do in my class

I usually give lecture  of each recipe what we will cook today at the beginning of the class. I show the and seasoning at this time and often those flavors.

Then participants cut all the ingredients. Using knife.

Participants mix seasonings or start to cook using recipes by themselves. Of cause I give them many advises and notices. Don’t worry I watch you!  I tell everybody what’s going on “other recipes”

Cook and finish the dishes

Participants set their own table by themselves using ” table setting allocation ”


Then we say ” Ita-daki-masu” before eating.



Today’s menu

Miso-Ramen with sautéed , pork miso, eggs, braised pork


Sesame dressed

Matcha pudding

Many Thanks!





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