Japanese cooking class August 20th

Welcome to Musubi Cooking class,  4 people from NY and an woman from Norway and her friend from Japan!

I was excited to see 4 people from N.Y. since I used to live there.  We talk a lot about the city, central park and grocery shops in Manhattan.

Also I really enjoyed a woman ( called Aiko in the class) from Norway talk about a lot about Japanese food and sightseeing in Tokyo. She is a writer and she is going to publish her own guide book of Japan. So she knows some interesting places in Tokyo much better then me. I learned a lot from her!  Thank you, Aiko, and good luck to the guide book.  It was thankful that Sarah share some information for the class. She is young and knows useful Tokyo trip tips those are different from what I know.

Of cause all of them did a good cooking and enjoyed exchanging their  trip information during lunch time, as usual.


Thank you for coming Aiko, Sara, Hanako, Taro, keiko and Hiroshi


 Menus on August 2oth

Horse Mackerel Nanban zuke

Eggplant with sweet miso paste

cucumber sesame dressing

tuna sashimi with Japanese herbs

Matcha tea cake

Many Thanks


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