Cooking with kids on August 22nd

I have a reservation from a woman, she took a early this month,  and will came to the with her three sons.  Also a man from Spain, and her friend booked the for his birthday gift.

She requested menus that are her sons favorite, soba noodle and . I also offer the menu of egg rolled omelets and mochi dessert besides her request.

Boys Egg omelets and did good job!


They are mochi dessert. Shaping mochi dough as a small round is not easy task, but they enjoy shaping them.

The sons mom, called Sachiko, always make the class fun. Thank you so much!


The menus on 22nd

Salmon Teriyaki

Broccoli and carrot with Tofu cream

Soba noodle with made dipping

Egg roll omelets

Mochi with sweetened red beans

Many Thanks!








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