Japanese Cooking Class on Aug.10th

I welcomed a couple from Birmingham, UK for the cooking  class.  I gave their name Daisuke and Saeko.  They both are intelligent and close couple.  I loved to hear their experience on their annual vacation trip all over the world, wow!

Both of them are keen on cooking. Mr. Daisuke loved Japanese cooking knife. He has a good knife skill and done beautiful- fine Julienne of shiso leaves.  Better than me!




  Menu on Augst 10th

Horse mackerel Nanban-zuke

Egg plant miso dengaku

Cucumber with ground sesame dressing

marinated fresh tuna sashimi

rice and miso soup

matcha cake

I’m very happy to hear both of them loved Japanese food.


Ms. Saeko, I appreciate your such an amazing review on TripAdvisor!

It was also interesting to hear that they went to Nagiso in Nagano pref.  during their stay in Japan.  According to the website, Nagiso has  beautiful nature,  historical place, and nice hot springs. I often learn my guests the  fascinating places where I’ve never visit in Japan.

Nagiso website


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