Jul 27th ’16 Halal food cooking

Today’s was requested by woman, Ms. M, who wants to give a to her Egyptian employee, Ms.D.  Very kind boss!

Ms. M and I take time to decide the menu; what we can cook as for Ms. D, I decide to cook , since her restrictions are either  no alcohol  no pork.

    Today’s menu  Jul 27th ’16


various kinds of salt (matcha, seakelp, shiso flavor)

Cucumber sesame vinegar dressing

Steamed eggplant with bonito flakes


rice and miso soup

Matcha cake

I’ve  tested several times to make nice Japanese seasoning sake and mirin.  Sake and mirin are fundamental seasonings for Japanese food. Finally I found out using mixed dried ( mackerel, shiitake, bonito and sea kelp) instead of using simply dried bonito flakes.  The mixture produces  the complexity of Umami flavor to  stock.

I also prepared matcha salt, sea kelp powder and salt and shiso flavored salt as accompany for tempura.

I’m so glad to hear that Ms. M gave me email later, Ms. D enjoyed the class very much.   I did enjoy the class very much, too!


Many thanks!



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