Cooking Class on Jul 28th

Hi there,

There is a lovely from U.K attended cooking .   We had a great time to cook together and enjoyed talking a lot :D.

The class is a birthday gift from Ms. R to her boyfriend Mr. R.

See! both of them are very good at using chopsticks for cooking, not only eating!



The menu on Jul 28th ’16

Mackerel -zuke

Egg plant miso dengaku (sweet miso paste)

Cucumber sesame vinegar dressing

Rice and Miso soup


They both LOVED what we . We talked a lot trip in Japan, how we think for tourists and their life in their country.  After we ate  nice and talked a lot, I felt like I’m inviting my friends to my .

Thank you for coming my , Ms. R and Mr. R.

Good luck for climbing Mt. Fuji!

*what we share in this class


Sushi Sei   Shin kan

Hamashige (2F)


Many thanks!






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