Japanese Cooking Class on Jul 6th ’16

It’s Okonomiyaki !

Thank you for coming the from Australia and wonderful women from Indonesia.

Today’s Menu


egg plant and fried tofu dengaku

cucumber vinegar dressing

corn rice, miso soup

matcha cake

We  okonomi-yaki, savory pancakes for the main dish. the guests could choose the  , such as , kimchee, cheese, mochi and corn into  individual basic julienned cabbage and batter mixture. Then  in a Hot-plate.  The Hot-plate means portable electronic stove.  We had Okonomi-yaki on the dining table with the hot – plate so that we could enjoy  Okonomi-yaki which the warmth  last  long on the table.


Choosing ingredients for individual cabbage mixture….


Then cook on the Hot-Plate*



It was such a precious cooking time.

Thank you all!





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